Marriage Counseling

Experience ways to find renewed happiness and rebuild the emotional connection in your marriage.

Marriage Counseling Overview

Differences in a marriage are normal, but can escalate to major conflicts, especially if the communication is strained or if one or both partners are withdrawn.

Over the years, Relationship Resources has helped thousands of married and unmarried couples undo rigid and negative patterns of behavior and transform their relationships to new-found levels of happiness and enjoyment.

Marriage Counseling Process

Marriage counseling at Relationship Resources is based around methods to actively engage couples to communicate in a non-threatening way. During the couple’s therapy, partners communicate face-to-face, openly and honestly about their issues.

Throughout the conversation, we will identify and prevent flash-points that create conflict escalation. We place a large emphasis on the detection of intricate subtleties that create communication setbacks.

We will present feedback and provide direction toward the most effective way of communicating in any situation. Our feedback encourages respectful and mutually compassionate interactions, and helps dispel miscommunications that cause pre-marital or marital tensions.

The Results of Counseling

Small steps soon become major strides as a couple progresses from confrontation and impasse toward an understanding of their differences.
The underlying goal of our sessions is to:

Increase the pleasure of spending time with your partner

Heighten or reestablish emotional intimacy

Help rediscover happiness in your relationship

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Relationship Resources
Communication was an issue in our marriage for over a decade and we got to a point where we felt like giving up. Dr. Rein's approach was like nothing we had ever experienced before. It helped us better understand each other and made even the most complex marital issues seem effortless to handle. I cannot imagine how our marriage could have survived without the compassionate counseling of Dr. Rein. I'm proud to say that our marriage is stronger than ever and we owe that to Dr. Rein.

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