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Develop Skills to Communicate Clearly and Persuasively

Business Coaching Overview

Relationship Resources specializes in business coaching to couple-led and family businesses. We focus on building communication skills while enhancing relationships and professional demeanor. This focused approach leads to a greater level of collaboration, influence, and responsiveness to customer needs.

Dr. Rein has specialized training in coaching executives in the workplace. He has post-graduate certificates in Organizational Consulting Psychology and Professional Executive Coaching.

Dr. Rein is skilled at making good communicators great communicators, and great communicators master communicators.

Business Relationship Patterns and Dynamics

Business coaching helps individuals become more aware of their relationship patterns and dynamics, making them more effective communicators. This focused approach leads to a greater level of:

Collaboration 98%
Influence 95%
Responsiveness to customer needs 90%

Business Coaching Results

Developing the skills necessary to communicate clearly and persuasively in a non-threatening manner is invaluable in helping you advance in your career.
By enhancing your relationships with partners, staff, boards, and customers or clients, we help improve your:




Business Coaching Clients

Relationship Resources has consulted with companies around the Greater Boston area, including:

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Relationship Resources
I just wanted to say that I enjoy the blogs that you've been sending and let you know that we are so grateful for your help. The "marathon sessions" were the best! That may have been more than a year ago, maybe two, but our relationship is still benefiting from the things you taught us. Now, when one of us gets upset about something, it's not a world-ending downward-spiraling catastrophe (and that's a relief in itself!), but instead we can get ourselves out of it and even laugh together! It's been great and we say all the time that we're so thankful for you.

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